Apple Store “Camp”

Hey There! A few days ago I went to West Quay to do something very special. I went to Apple Camp! It ran for an hour and a half every morning for three days. I chose the IBook course, which is making your own story on Macs. On day one it started with brain storming your ideas into a storyline and a title. My story title was Super-Dog v.s Flying Killer Tomatoes! Silly, you’re all probably saying. Tell me something I don’t know! Day two was all about illustrations and putting it all together. What good book doesn’t have pictures! All of my pictures were ok, not great, but ok. It all came together fine and finally it was presentation day. My family said my story was the best there but my pictures weren’t up to much (disclaimer: that is not actually what they said about my drawings!) It was a great experience and, what’s even better is the celebratory pancake I had afterwards! TK