New Forest and Portchester!

This week I went to Brockenhurst, New Forest, for a home education club. That particular day they were doing loads of things about the eye. First we watched an animated clip about the different parts of the eye. Then we made a  thaumatrope which is two pieces of paper with small images on them, attached to a small plastic tube. When spun, the two pictures appear to be one.

Next we made a flipbook. I’m sure you all know what a flipbook is but for those who don’t, check out the ‘How-To’ here. Finally, we made a character out of pipe cleaners, clay, a polystyrene ball, googly eyes and a yellow tube. Afterwards,  we were told to place our characters on a table and the group leader took a picture. She told us to move our characters about 2 centimeters towards her and then she took another picture. We went on doing this until we were pretty much at the front of the table. At that point she said we could come over to the computer and see what she was doing. She had used the pictures to make a stop- motion animation!

Moving onto Portchester Castle!

My grandma and I went to Portchester Castle to go to a ‘Not Back To School’ picnic. Would you believe that Portchester Castle is a Roman Fort with a Saxon castle inside and has a Norman church as well! It was a really fun picnic, y’know with all the food and stuff. I played some football and swing ball. I met a ton of new people and a few people I already knew! I hung out with some girls and chatted and had fun. I tried to climb up one of the walls but came back down with some grazes on my hand, but I was fine! I ate, ran, played and had fun and it was an awesome experience.

Thanks for reading,



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