Khan Acadamy

Hello there everyone! This is my first post from my new computer! I’m very exited about it but I’ll get to that in another blog post. The reason I’m here posting today is because I’ve been using an amazing site called Khan Academy! Its mostly good for maths but it has other subjects on there too: History, Music, R.E and you can do whatever you like on it! There are also badges you can collect for certain things, here is the list of rarity in the badges. The Meteorite badges are so easy to get, its ridiculous! Next up its the Moon badges. Quite easy to get but It takes time. Now its the Earth badges. Harder to get than Moon badges but its so worth it! You feel like you’ve really achieved something! Up next is the Sun badges. Really hard to get but again, its worth it. Second to last on our list are the Black Hole badges. They are so rare there are only three of them. A pure achievement! And last but certainly not least, the Challenge patches. Despite their name, they are not that much of a challenge to get unless you go for some hard ones. Here is my badge count Meteorite: 14Khan acadamy.png Moon: 9 Earth: 2 Sun: 0 Black Hole: 0 Challenge: 7 Also you can add a coach to Khan Acadamy, preferably your parents. They can watch you live, see what you are doing and can even earn badges themselves! When you start you can pick your own avatar! There are three choices, Piesarus, Aquarius and Leafers. This is an amazing website and I suggest you use it!

3 thoughts on “Khan Acadamy

  1. lauramerryweather says:

    Love your write up of Khan. Thank you.
    I am a mum just begining homeschooling with my daughter. She is much younger than you but I am grateful to now know about this. It sounds great!


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